Bus Time With Fred

Locating Important Information on Commercial Vehicles

Fred will show you how to locate important information on a commercial vehicle such as: the vin number, the gross vehicle weight, the wheelchair lift manufacturer, the A/C manufacturer, and the milage.

Fixing A Stuck, Retractable Seat Belt

Here, you will learn how to free a stuck retractable seat belt.

Locating the On Board Diagnostics Port (OBD2 Port)

Here, you will learn where you can find the On Board Diagnostics Port (OBD2 port) on your vehicle, and also how to use it.

How to Operate Your Braun Wheelchair Lift

Operating your Braun wheelchair lift is a breeze with this step-by-step demonstration.

Child Check Reminder Operation

Fred will show you how to operate the child check reminder safety feature on buses. There are multiple forms of this feature, but Fred will show you two of the more common forms.

Manually Retracting the Ramp on an MV-1

If the battery is dead in your MV-1, you are still able to manually retract its wheelchair ramp. Here, Fred shows you how.

Features on a Mobile Classroom Vechicle

You can utilize many features of a mobile classroom to your advantage, such as the: generator, A/C & heat units, sink, awning, coach battery, and interior lights. In this video, you will learn how to operate and use them.


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