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Vehicle Description

Van Terra

THE SAFE ALTERNATIVE TO 15-PASSENGER VANS The Van Terra is designed with features usually found in mid-size buses, but with the size and cost of a van. This vehicle does not require a commercial drivers license to operate. The Van Terra features include an electric single-leaf entry door with enclosed steps, stand-up headroom, and an 18-inch walk-through center aisle for easy access boarding. Attractively styled for curb appeal, the Van Terra comes in various models with up to 15 passenger capacities. Each model can also be equipped with a wheelchair lift to accommodate ADA passengers. The Van Terra's one-piece aerodynamic roof prevents leaks and provides greater stability and safety when traveling. In addition, the unit's continuous welded steel cage construction results in a stronger, safer vehicle. The Van Terra is available on a Chevy single rear wheel chassis or Ford single and dual rear wheel chassis. DESIGNED TO MEET OR EXCEED APPLICABLE FMVSS STANDARDS and FORD QVM


Van Terra Advantages
  • Available in dual rear wheel and single rear wheel configurations.
  • Primed steel cage construction with CTEC composite fiberglass exterior.
  • One piece custom molded FRP roof.
  • 5/8" AdvanTech subfloor
  • Low, wide enclosed entrance with powered door.
  • Power windows and locks standard.
  • OEM am/fm/cd stereo standard.
  • All rear lighting is standard.
  • 4 yr/ 50k miles bumper to bumper warranty on body.
  • Excellent resale value.
Standard Features & Equipment
  • High quality Ford E350 chassis
  • 15 passenger alternative*
  • Low, wide enclosed entrance
  • Wide aisle with interior headroom
  • Wide wheel base stance for road stability
  • Flexible floor plans, including wheelchair capability
  • Meets and exceeds FMVSS regulations
  • Altoona tested
  • Steel roll cage with school bus rollover crash test
  • CDL license not required in most states
  • Welded steel roll cage with school bus roll-over certification and superior side impact protection
  • Steel channel window radius blocks add additional strength for windows and to the uni-body steel cage
  • User-friendly switch panel for driver convenience Front bulkhead with oak trim
  • Standard equipment includes a sedan-style door for wide and low-to-the-ground entry
Optional Equipment
  • Optional luggage and briefcase racks
  • ADA approved lift allows the Van Terra to be more versatile for ambulatory and wheelchair occupants
  • Optional TV with high-gloss walnut accents transforms the Van Terra interior into a luxury experience
  • Optional interiors include Limo lounge seating
  • Indirect lighting and reading lights
Seating Options

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