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Vehicle Description

The category-redefining, extremely versatile MV-1 is a vehicle unlike anything else for paratransit and fleet applications. The first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designed and assembled accessibility vehicle. The MV-1 meets all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) straight from the factory with no modifications that could jeopardize the vehicle's structure. The MV-1 is more durable and cost effective to own and operate than the traditional retrofitted van or bus. It is dedicated to transporting all passengers; with or without mobility challenges, making it the perfect solution for both public and private commercial fleet services.
Mobility Ventures MV-1
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MV-1 Advantages

Exceeds ADA guidelines with 1,200 lb. capacity ramp
Floor-to-ceiling height of 5 feet
Anti-Slip floor surface
Choose between power or manual ramp
Rear self-leveling suspension system
Ramp lighting
Multiple grab handles

Thoughtfully Engineered

Meets or exceeds the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
36" by 56" doorway featuring a low step-in that allows easy entry for all passengers.
Seating for up to 5 passengers, with the optional rear-facing jumpseat.
The MV-1 is certified to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to meet all applicable safety and crash requirements.
Passengers in wheelchairs or scooters can easily enter, and turn effortlessly so they may sit next to the driver.
Universal wheelchair restraint track system integrated into floor.
Large rear bench seat provides a perfect fit for everyone.
Comfortable commercial grade driver's seat to reduce operator fatigue.
Power windows, power mirrors, and other convenient options come standard.
24-gallon gasoline tank provides the MV-1 with an estimated 350-mile range.
The integrated access ramp has a design load meeting ADA guidelines, an anti-slip surface, and stores under the floor of the vehicle so you do not lose any interior space.
The optional power ramp deploys at two different aspect ratios to address various vehicle entry and exit scenarios.

Reliability, Durability & Performance

Body-on-frame design: the MV-1 body mounts to a full frame to create a more durable solution than retrofitted unibody vans.
Fully boxed and tubed supportive cross members provide additional frame stiffness and durability.
Built like a truck, yet rides like a car.
A rear suspension with steel-leaf springs and air shocks delivers long term durability and comfortable ride for all passengers.
Front Short Long Arm (SLA) suspension provides a tight turning radius with rack and pinion steering.
Four-wheel disc brakes designed with large rotors for improved lining life and the ability to handle the best-in-class gross vehicle weight of 6,600 lbs.
Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and traction control come standard.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC), including anti-roll function, provides increased safety.
All-season tires are a standard feature.
Ford 4.6L V8 Engine.
Ford Electronic 4-Speed Automatic Transmission with overdrive.
The frame is coated with a rust inhibitor to increase vehicle longevity.
Extensive "real world" reliability and durability testing to industry best practices.

Have the Option to Go Green

Opt for a unique Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel system for much lower fuel cost and an estimated 290-mile range, including a 40-mile low level indicator.
Since our unique CNG system is factory-engineered and installed, you can count on the same durability and reliability that you demand of gasoline-powered vehicles and reduces dependence on foreign oil.
Cleaner-burning CNG produces 15% of the emissions1 created by comparable gasoline-powered vehicles and reduces dependence on foreign oil.
All fuel for thought as you consider the new places that the MV-1 can take you.
Three Type-3 CNG tanks are integrated seamlessly into the vehicle design and factory-installed to meet all federal safety standards.

Seating Options

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2 passeger with 2 wheelchair positions
Suggested floorplan, customized layouts available
2 passeger with 2 wheelchair positions
(A) 2 passeger with 2 wheelchair positions
3 passeger with 1 wheelchair position
(B) 3 passeger with 1 wheelchair position
3 passeger with 1 wheelchair position
(C) 3 passeger with 1 wheelchair position
3 passeger with 1 wheelchair position and jumpseat
(D) 3 pass. with 1 WC position and jumpseat


Wheelbase: 122 in
Length: 205 in
Height: 75 in
Curb Weight - Gasoline: 5,055 lbs
Curb Weight - CNG: 5,312 lbs
GVWR: 6,600 lbs
Turning Circle: 42.8 ft
Cargo Volume Index-Gasoline: 36.4 cubic feet
Cargo Volume Index-CNG: 29.1 cubic feet
Access Door Opening Usable Width: 36 in
Access Door Opening Usable Height: 56 in
Interior Height at Rear Wheelchair Position: 59.5 in
Interior Height at Forward Wheelchair Position: 58.3 in
Overall Interior Floor Length: 81.5 in
Interior Width at B-Pillars: 64.5 in
Vehicle Ground Clearance (minimum): 6 in
Ramp Extension-Short Deployment (Power/Manual): 69.5 in/63.75 in
Ramp Extension-Long Deployment: 92.25 in
Usable Ramp Width: 30 in
Ramp Angle-Short Deployment (Manual): 1:4.1 Ratio
Ramp Angle-Short Deployment (Power): 1:4.4 Ratio
Ramp Angle-Long Deployment (Power): 1:6 Ratio
Mirror to Mirror Width: 79.69 in
Mirror to Mirror Width (folded): 71.73 in

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